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The Slavonic Bible
The lecture is concentrated on the first translation of the Bible into Slavonic and further development and usage of this text. The Gospels were the first Biblical books to be translated into Slavonic. They appeared in Bulgaria and were commissioned by Bulgarian ruler Rostislav. The translation was made for liturgical purposes by missionaries Cyril and Methodius. To translate the text and write it down the brothers invented two Slavonic alphabets, the Glagolitic one and the Cyrillic one. When the Bulgarian kingdom fell in the 10th century, the entire writing system of Bulgaria moved into Rus'. The Russians were rather active in translating various books of the Bible. It is known that even some Old Testaments books were translated from Hebrew. The first complete Bible was created in Novgorod in the 15th century. The first complete printed Bible was published by Ivan Fedorov in the late 16th century. The last stage in the Slavonic Bible development was the Elizabeth Bible published in St. Petersburg in the mid-18th century.
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