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Wedding Day. Post-Wedding Rites

A long way to the wedding ceremony (sorcerers’ schemes). The confrontation between the sorcerer and the groomsman. The wedding ceremony as a fateful act (the newlyweds’ behaviour, candlelight, exchanging rings, etc.). Meeting the newlyweds: bride uncovering. Wedding feast. Giving presents and paying honours to the newlyweds. Wedding chamber (the meaning of the bride’s “honesty” and “dishonesty”). The ritual of covering the wedding bed with corn (obsypanie). The ancient ritual of taking boots off the groom’s feet. The ritual of paying a visit to the newlyweds. Post-wedding rituals (waking the newlyweds up, “rubbish-dropping”, “looking for the sheep”, testing young housewife’s skills). Feast at the bride’s parents’ (otvodiny), eating pancakes cooked by the bride’s mother (k tesche na bliny).

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