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Language situation in South Western Rus'
The lecture is focused on the language situation in South Western Rus' and its relation to the Muscovite variety of the literary language. Book printing development is described along with the establishment of several book centres connected with the activities of Orthodox brotherhoods in Ukraine and Belorussia. These brotherhoods were centres of Orthodox culture in the complicated multiconfessional environment. Emphasis is also laid on the formation of philological description of Church Slavonic as the language of the Orthodox culture. Grammatical and lexicographical works (grammars and dictionaries) are published. "Prostaya mova", the written business language of South Western Rus', is characterised and its relations with Church Slavonic are discussed. The issue of the so-called third South Slavonic influence on the literary language of Muscovite Rus’ is raised (B. A. Uspensky). Its role in the "correction" of liturgic books of the Ostrog Bible is also discussed.
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