Developed at SPbU Faculty of Philology
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Igor Sukhih
Lecture courses
20th Century Books
The 20th Century Books teaching materials based on the lectures by Professor Igor Sukhikh have been developed at the Faculty of Philology, St. Petersburg State University. The course is primarily aimed at the historical and literary interpretation of the given texts; students are also supposed to take part in the dialogue by receiving some supporting data as well as questions and assignments. The course is also aimed at expanding students' knowledge of the Russian literary history and the history in general, at developing their skills of analysing a literary work taking into account all of its constituents as a whole.
Course contains: 16 audiolectures
Types: Literary criticism
Practical Poetics
Igor Sukhikh's lecture course «Practical Poetics» provides a systemised description of the principal issues in literary theory with many original examples. It is primarily oriented at the university courses such as «Introduction to Literary Studies», «Literary Theory», «Poetics and Stylistics». The materials of this course can help high school students to get ready to the Uniform State Examination ('EGE') in literature; they can also be of use to teachers in designing creative assignments for literature classes.
Course contains: 13 audiolectures
Types: Literary criticism