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Andrey Stepanov
Lecture courses
History of Russian Literature: 19th Century, Second Half (Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov)
This course is a concise introduction to the themes and poetics of major literary masterpieces written by the three Russian great writers. The course is based on publications from the leading literary scholars as well as on the lecturer's personal interpretations. As compared to the lectures read by this author for the Russian Department at the Faculty of Philology, St. Petersburg State University, the writers' biographies are not discussed, and the list of literary works analysed has been shortened considerably. The course puts less emphasis on the literary and historical context, and leaves only the key points and concepts of all interpretations. Course objective: To form the students' knowledge base on the history of Russian Literature in 1840-1890. Course Aims: to familiarize students with the development of the three Russian classical fiction writers; to determine the themes and poetics of their major works. Target audience: people who have some knowledge of Russian Literature as taught at secondary schools.
Course contains: 10 audiolectures
Types: Literary criticism