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Current Issues in the History of Russian Journalism. Part III
The lecture course is devoted to the key milestones of the 18th/19th century periodical press development and the stages of mass media system formation in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia. Establishment of the mass communication system is always closely connected with the socio-political processes in Russia and throughout the globe. That is why this lecture course considers elements of the historical context that strongly influenced the specifics of the Russian journalism. Biographic milestones of the notable figures of Russian journalism and historical characters are also specified. The lectures are chronologically structured, from the epoch of Peter the Great when the first printed media appeared in Russia to the era of perestroika, glasnost and democratisation of the Russian society in the 1980s/1990s. The course is aimed at Russian and foreign students of Russian institutions of higher education studying social sciences and humanities as well as at all those who are interested in the history of Russian literature and journalism.